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 The Winners are:

1. Prize: Holger Platzer (Gemany)

2. Prize: Jörg und Simone Häfner (Germany)

3. Prize: Lorenz und Andrea Helf (Germany)


Contest 2014

Dear guests,

today we would like to invite you again to a little contest with us and the Vila de Sol.
If you like to participate, please solve the following calculation *):

A group of pilgrims, including 7 women and 5 men migrate from Sesimbra to Fátima.
On the average, the participants walk 4 km per hour, are daily 9 hours on the road
and make a daily break of 3 hours.
Their condition is increasing day by day so that they run every day 1 km more than the day before.
However on the 5th day they walk 2 km less as day 1.
On the 7th day they are only 21 km away from their final goal in Fátima.
Overall they managed
??? km.
If you divide the number of km by 14 you obtain the approximate length of the pool of Vila de Sol in meters.

The quiz question is: How long is the pool of Vila de Sol?

Once you've found the answer, please send us an email with the answer to info@viladesol.de.

Winners will receive **):

1. prize: Portuguese kitchen: 1 dinner for 2 people in the retaurant 'D. Isilda' (Quinta do Anjo), worth EUR 40,00
2. prize: 1 trip for 2 persons with a Siightseeing-Bus in Lisbon, worth EUR 36,00
3. prize: 1 dinner for 2 people in the Tasca 'ISAIAS' in Sesimbra, worth EUR 25,00

*) Entry Conditions:
- The entry is open to all guests of the Vila de Sol with a valid email address, however, each email address only with a reply
- If there are several correct answers the prize will be chosen at random
- The prize will be issued as voucher and can be redeemed when visiting the Vila de Sol within the next 2 years
- A change in bank and money is excluded
- Closing date is the 31.01.2015
- The winners will be notified, and published on the homepage www.viladesol.de
- The decision is final.
**) Own journey

We are looking forward to your email with the 'right' answer and wish you Merry Christmas,
a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!